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Supping in Vancouver: Plus Alpha Global Sushi and Bar

A trio of sushi rolls+Alpha Global Sushi and Bar
1099 Richards St.
Ph: 604-633-0355 

At the corner of  Richards and Helmcken stands a small Japanese restaurant with an unusual name, + Alpha.  As they point out, the term means "something extra" in terms of food and service and certainly whenever I walk in there for a bite, the place is  buzzing with activity, the food consistently good and the service is always efficient and friendly.

As + Alpha is on our route home after class at Robson Square (see Gillian's Kitchen: bebida y comida),   my friend and I have taken to dropping  in for a late supper.  Last Friday we tried the sinfully delicious ebi mayo Japon, deep fried nobashi prawns in breaded batter with tartar mayo sauce, and their mango Vancouver roll. 

This week  we were both feeling famished. I had not had time to eat before walking up to Robson Square for the 6:15 class. We had to wait a short time for a table and our appetites increased as we sipped our green tea and studied the menu.  So we ended up ordering a dynamite roll,  spicy tuna roll and a repeat of the mango Vancouver roll which we liked last week. Although I had no intention of imbing any alcohol, when the "would you like anything to drink?" question was posed it took both of us less than a second  to put down our cups of green tea and order a beer and a glass of wine respectively.

Well it was a long and busy week - and a mentally demanding class. We left feeling sated and comfortably mellow with our diet consciences clear.