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Supping Away. Vienna: Gustl-Bauer Wirtshaus

p1130266-w250-h250.jpg  Gustl-Bauer Wirtshaus,  Am Hof Drahtgasse 2

p1130267-w250-h250.jpgAfter classes at the Tanzschule, four of us took a walk  to find a nearby place for lunch. We found a table at the Gustl-Bauer Wirsthaus. In my quest to understand the many terms used here for restaurant, I found that Wirsthaus like Wirstschaft means inn.

Anyway I was interested to see that they offered gravlax - home made pickled salmon served with mustard sauce and pickled onions so I could not resist trying it. Delicious though a bit too salty for me. 

p1130268-w250-h250.jpgI then continued my Wiener schnitzel tasting  getting the  Wiener Schnitzel - veal with parsley potatoes. An excellent schnitzel but the portion again would have been too much - even if I hadn't let my curiosity to try the gravlax carry me away.

The veal goulash served with small dumplings was declared to be very full of flavour but also a huge portion. I guess we are just naturally smaller eaters than is customary here.

Overall, food and service was excellent.