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A perfect jewelry match at Brighton Collectibles in the Venetian

 Browsing the jewelry section in the Brighton Collectibles store to find gifts for the upcoming holidays, my eye was drawn to a pair of colourful earrings.  I had had great success finding what I needed for myself at the previous day's visit to the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet Mall, and had no intention of buying anything more for myself.

But the colours of the cabachons of the earrings so beautifully matched the colours of my multi-coloured smooth ballroom dress that they called out to me to buy them. Then I found that there was also a matching bangle and added that to my purchase.

The French Wire earrings with 14 semi-precious stones are part of the  Brighton Collectibles Mother Earth collection of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The stones include onyx dyed blue, Chinese turquoise, onyx dyed green, jade dyed red, pink rhodonite stone, quartz dyed blue and a natural carnelian.

When I returned home I satisfied myself that indeed they were a gorgeous match for the fabric of the dress, shown in the picture.

This is the link to Brighton Collectibles website

I also wanted to learn more about the many semi-precious stones. I found an informative reference List of semi-precious stones.

My finds the previous day at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet Mall included the perfect purse, an RFID-safe wallet, and a brilliant red Paisley wrap.