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More Shelley, less Keats? -is this title too obscure?

Of the major English Romantic poets I generally prefer the work of John Keats to that of Percy Shelley- but not when it comes to hairdryers. Think about it. When you are impatiently trying to brush and comb your wet hair into some semblance of dryness and order, what would you prefer? “Thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind”, all gentle warmth but little strength so your hair does not dry at all or to be “Vaulted with all thy congregated might of vapours from whose solid atmosphere black rain, and fire, and hail will burst” – a strong hot wind that will dry your hair in minutes.

This burst of bizarre inner dialogue was prompted by yet another frustrating experience with the wall mounted hairdryer system thoughtfully installed in the bathroom so you won’t electrocute yourself by immersing your own hairdryer in water while you attempt to dry your hair. It is rather like one of my favorite Shakespearean quotes all “sound and fury, signifying nothing”. It’s meant to be foolproof – or perhaps for fools. You do not even have to switch it or figure how to extract it from its plastic base. You just pull it out and it begins to hum furiously expelling warm air that has no force at all. My hair isn’t even “soft-lifted” like autumn. So after a vigorous rub with a towel, a quick combing with the fingers and another thank-you to Emma of the clever scissor-work, I am off to the British Museum.

Spent several hours at the Museum. It has more Egyptology than the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Hmmm….. Absolutely amazing collections. Far too much to take in one day even at a superficial level. I lingered in the ancient Greece section. Remembered a wonderful holiday about thirty years ago cruising among the Cyclades and then visiting Rhodes. If we did not have a baby son at home being looked after by our brother and sister in law, we might have stayed on Rhodes forever. It was so beautiful.

So tonight I am off to see the last of my theatre performances, Avenue Q, and then tomorrow I am off to France. Hopefully the internet acccess will be ok from the little village where I will be staying.