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Experimenting with low carb pizza and breakfast muffins

fresh asparagus and cambazola  crustless quicheA favorite source of mine for low carb recipes that are simple to make and quite delicious is a cookbook published in 2004 by local Vancouver chef, Karen Barnaby. She is the Executive Chef at the Fish House in Stanley Park. The book is called "The Low-Carb Gourmet."

For the first group of recipes I wanted to make dishes I could freeze and just haul out and warm. So I picked three simple recipes, two from her book,  and went ahead with minor modifications to use up what I had in my fridge..

egg and sausage breakfast muffinsThe first recipe I tried was an asparagus and cheese crustless quiche. I added brie for creaminess, cambazola for a flavour jolt and also chopped in two slices of ham.

Then I decided not to improvise too much and followed Karen's breakfast muffin recipe. I have the silicon lined muffin pans but still find the muffins don't pop out cleanly. Maybe its time to acquire some new ones as I have had this set since my Food and Travel Writing Course in France in 2006.

As an amateur cook, I don't think I managed to get each muffin quantity precisely the same but I reckon the nutritional estimates are as close as I can get them so that's what I will work with.

pizza - pre boilerpizza- after broilerFor my last recipe for the day I tried the pizza recipe which Karen credits to Donald, who lost more than 100 lbs on a low carb regimen.

The pizza base is made of cheese, egg and cream and you don't miss the pizza crust at all.

It divides up nicely into 8 servings. Both the pizza and the muffins can be frozen and heat up fine in the microwave.

I showed the before and after because, for one silly second, I got distracted while the pizza was under the broiler and it got just a touch too brown.

Tomorrow I am making cauliflower fried "rice" and shrimp Mornay. Yum