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ReviewFromTheHouse is an entertainment website providing reviews  and commentaries on theatre, food, wining and dining and other cultural events in my home base of Vancouver,  British Columbia and away;  and Travelblogues that focus on ballroom dancing, cultural and dining experiences during my land  travels in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and dancing at sea cruises.
These musings on theatre, sipping and supping, and my travels, solo or otherwise, reflect the perceptions of a mature urbanite with a literary bent, an addiction to puns, an obsession with dancing (of almost any kind)  and a sense of humour appreciated by few.

I started writing theatre reviews and commentaries after I ranted once too often about small theatre companies playing to small audiences partly because few people had heard of the shows. The editor of Immediate Theatre challenged me to write about the shows I saw and I decided to do so from the perspective of a dedicated theatre "bum-in-the-seat".  Thus was born "Rants, Raves and Reviews" which I wrote for two years for Immediate Theatre. These reviews can be found by year in the Archive section of this web site. I now write for Theatre Seen as Review From The House.

The Travelblogues  began as a way to keep my family and friends up to date on my journeys, particularly when I was travelling solo. And for those of you whose memory, like mine is "maturing," you will appreciate that I find this record increasingly more useful when I try to remember the name of a special little restaurant or village only to find that that particular neuron was among the many neurons that disappeared from  my brain.

My passion for ballroom dancing, actually dancing of almost any kind, led me to dance cruises and my Dance Cruise Travelblogues describe the joys of dancing at sea with destinations from the Americas to Asia, and now the Arctic Circle.

 Sipping and Supping details my restaurant reviews and other food experiences, in Vancouver and when travelling. You can make an Open Table restaurant reservation directly from my review if the Reserve Online link is there. And you can check out other restaurant reviews by clicking on the UrbanSpoon link.  Cookbook Critiques is a new food-writing section. Watch for reviews of exciting new cookbooks.

Your experience whether at a play, or dining in a restaurant may be different and I would love to get feedback. See the contact page for my email address or else add your own comments after my story.

Thanks to Michael O'Shea for the photograph.

You can also follow me on Twitter;  or review my reviews and put in your two bits worth on the Facebook ReviewFromTheHouse page. Hope you LIKE it!

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